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Major Events

2005: the first year of the preparation of Red Ribbon Foundation

Initiated and established No. 001 Non-Public Foundation

Responded to and participated in “China Red Ribbon Foundation” at the earliest as the first non-public foundation, and launched several volunteer activities

2006: started ten-year disaster relief and salvation

Actively donated funds and supplies for the severe tropical storm “Bilis” and flood suffered by South China in 2006, snow disaster and WenChuan earthquake in 2008, Yushu earthquake in 2010, Ya'an earthquake and Shaanxi flood in 2013, which manifested the enterprise social responsibilities

2007: started “Five 1000-Loving-Heart Program”

Built 1000 Heungkong Love Libraries, funded 1000 orphans, helped 1000 needy families, helped and awarded 1000 poor students, organized 1000 volunteers; all the above tasks had been overfulfilled in 2011

2008: Heungkong Love Volunteer Team established

On May 20, the Volunteer Team of Heungkong Charitable Foundation was established, which attracted near 20,000 members up to 2016. The number of persons participating in public benefit activities reached 100,000 person-times.

2009: invested RMB 3 million for building affordable houses for single mothers

Up to the end of June, 2012, the Foundation had successfully helped 300 extremely poor single parent (mother) families to complete 300 affordable houses, thus effectively improving the living conditions and living environments of such single mothers.

2010: started the poverty alleviation project with RMB 30 million

In 2010, Heungkong Charitable Foundation actively subscribed RMB 30,000,000 on the first “Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day”, so as to help certain extremely poor families

2011: Established a venture fund of RMB 10 million for women

Established “Heungkong Women Entrepreneurship Fund” together with Guangdong Women's Federation, firstly practiced the public benefit mode combined with “transfusion” and “hemopoiesis”, and totally helped 338 women for their successful entrepreneurships

2012: initiated Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Centre(CSRDC)

Planned to cultivate 1000 Chinese social innovation leaders, incubate 1000 social innovation projects, and train 1000 social innovation enterprises within 5 years

2013: started deaf children salvation action with RMB 1 million

Provided hearing-aids for 80 deaf children and funded 48 deaf children from families with financial difficulty for free language recovery training, so as to help them return to the sound world

2014: constructed stereoscopic Children Friendly Community with RMB 5.5 million

Donated RMB 5.5 million to construct 50 “Children Friendly Communities” in poor communities in Guangdong, and incorporated family education and children care into the community services

2015: started Heungkong Light Ambassador with RMB 1 million

On the occasion of No. “001” creating the glory of non-public charity foundation for ten years, we donated RMB 1 million to fund 1000 poor cataract patients for their vision rehabilitation operations. One person accepts operation, the whole family will be benefited, and the surroundings will be improved

2016: initiated Heungkong Talents Nurturing Program with RMB 4 million

Talents are the power which drives the development of the country, and education determines the essence and future of the country. Heungkong Charitable Foundation has been always concerning and supporting the development of educational business in our country since its establishment. In 2016, the Foundation initiated Heungkong Talents Nurturing Program, aiming at helping financially disadvantaged students to finish their studies, reducing the psychological burden and increasing the mental strength of the country’s future, and breeding the contemporary university students into social talents.

2017: recognized as a charity

With the enforcement of The Charity Law, China's first national-level legislation of charity, Heungkong Charitable Foundation has successfully applied to the Ministry Of Civil Affairs of the PRC for identification as a charity.

Heungkong Charitable Foundation is China's first national-level non-public placement foundation with initial capital contribution of 50 million Yuan by Heung Kong Group.

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