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HeungKong Orphan Assistance

Heung Kong Orphan Assistance

Project background and introduction:

due to natural and man-made disasters, economic difficulty, family changes and other factors, a large number of orphans are left uncared for in the vast rural areas of China. Since 2007, the Heungkong Charitable Foundation, working with women's federations in several provinces, has put a lot of money to support orphans in rural areas and create a good living environment for them.

Project vision:

improve living environment for orphans and build care-growth homes

Project mission:

to create a good living and learning environment for orphans to grow up


orphans in rural areas and orphans in orphanages

Project goals and recent developments: 

In 2007, the Heungkong Charitable Foundation donated RMB 3 million to the Children's Welfare Association in Zhaoqing. The fund was used to assist 1,000 orphans in Zhaoqing in three years, providing RMB 1,000 per year to each orphan to enable them to live a life with “food, warm clothes and schooling”, and enabling orphans in poor areas to share the love of the world through organizing volunteers to help support and teach children or via mutual assistance.

In 2010, the Heungkong Children's Home was established at Wenxing Children's Welfare Centre in Huaiji County, Zhaoqing City, covering all the expenses of 60 orphans till they reach the age of 18; in 2017, another donation of RMB 50,000 was made and used to support orphaned and impoverished children in combination of the second tranche interest valued RMB 1.275 million of the Heungkong Women's Entrepreneurship Fund in 2011, benefiting 1,325 orphans from 43 districts and counties in 7 cities in Guangdong province.

The implementation of the project for assisting orphaned and poverty-stricken children has made the children feel the care and warmth of the society, and also promoted the local women's organizations to attach importance to the emotional support for orphaned and impoverished children and created a good social atmosphere for the care of orphans. The living conditions of the assisted orphans have improved significantly, the financial pressure on the guardians has been reduced, and the assisted orphans have regained their confidence in life, showing a spirit of self-confidence and self-improvement. Assisted orphans expressed their gratitude for the generosity and kindness of the Heungkong Charitable Foundation and said that they will study hard, keep positive attitude and repay the love and expectation of the donors with excellent academic performances.