Heungkong Charitable Foundation Donated Over Ten Million RMB to Promote Education in Rural Areas


On November 23, the Conference for Conclusion of the Heungkong Charitable Library Project (2016-2018) and Networking for Students under the Heungkong Talent Nurturing Program was held at the headquarters of Heungkong Group in Guangzhou.

As said by Chairman of the Foundation Mei Hing Chak in her speech, Heungkong Charitable Foundation firmly believes in “knowledge enhancement before poverty alleviation, and education is critical for knowledge enhancement”, and its collaboration project with the Guangdong Provincial Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation (the “GWCCNG”) focuses on social topics such as children education in rural areas and financially aiding poverty-stricken university students, which built 100 charitable libraries each year for four consecutive years, donated RMB 1 million each year for helping 200 university students from poverty-stricken families, with a donation amount exceeding RMB 10 million on an accumulative basis, covering 42 high education institutions in 66 counties and districts in 12 municipal cities in the province and benefiting over 120 thousand students. With great supports from the GWCCNG, the project has made fruitful achievements, and we expect and welcome more philanthropy partners to join us and support education in rural areas by making contributions to develop premium education in rural areas in response to the national policy of “education poverty alleviation”.

Deputy Director of the GWCCNG Hu Zhongmei said in his speech that the Heungkong Charitable Library project is a benchmark project for the development of children education in rural areas by improving reading environments for children in rural areas in the forms of donation of books and furniture optimization. He also expressed several expectations for the students under the Heungkong Talent Nurturing Program, specifically he wished the students could face up to their difficulties, cherish the opportunities and make personal successes to pay back the society, and bear in mind the sincere love and care of Heungkong and the GWCCNG for them as an impetus to drive them marching forward.