Heungkong’s Fight against the Pandemic


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, the pandemic has spread to nearly all parts of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and many overseas countries, causing great losses to the people.

On January 28, Heungkong Group set up a special fund of RMB 10 million for fighting against the pandemic through Heungkong Charitable Foundation, which will be used to support the front-line pandemic prevention and control across China. The fight against the pandemic by Heungkong Charitable Foundation and Heungkong Group began ever since then.

Immediately after setup of the special fund, on January 29, Heungkong Charitable Foundation donated RMB 500,000 to each of Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital respectively, the representative hospitals who sent medical teams to Hubei and receive confirmed patients within Guangdong province, for emergency purchase of medical materials and care of medical professionals.

In February, Heungkong Charitable Foundation further donated RMB 2 million to the Guangdong Women and Children Foundation for extending cares to families of Guangdong medical team members through Guangdong Women's Federation, the Health Commission of Guangdong Province and the Guangdong Women and Children Foundation.

In addition, Heungkong Charitable Foundation donated RMB 1 million to the Guangdong Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for purchasing supplies for medical team members who were sent to fight against the pandemic in Hubei province.

Meanwhile, the Foundation established a liaison group for domestic medical supplies, and Sam Lau, Vice President of the Council, made full use of his overseas resources to purchase scarce anti-pandemic medical supplies from countries such as the USA, UK, South Korea and Malaysia. Accumulatively, 1 million disposable surgery masks, 5,000 medical protective clothing, 8,000 medical N95 masks, 82,000 pieces of disposable disinfection gel, 1,200 bottles of disinfectant and 2 tons of alcohol have been purchased.

With efforts from several parties, first batch of materials and supplies arrived at Hong Kong and customs declaration and duty-free formalities were completed on February 3, and in the morning of February 4, the materials and supplies entered the mainland after customs clearance. Thereafter, another several batches of materials and supplies also successfully arrived.

In order to send the materials and supplies to places mostly in need, members of the Foundation overcome difficulties one after another, and from February 4 to the present, 25 person-times in 7 batches have been mobilized to send the  materials and supplies to near a hundred hospitals for protecting medical professionals.

On the long way of fighting against the pandemic, Heungkong Group always upholds the tenet of “giving back to society through business excellence”, and Heungkong Charitable Foundation practices its mission of “giving back to society through dedication of love”, fighting against the pandemic with concerted efforts.