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Heungkong Charitable Library

Heungkong Charitable Library

With the vision of “Reading Enriches the Life and Horizon Blooms the Soul”, the Heungkong Charitable Library project is committed to jointly mobilizing social forces, integrating high-quality resources and providing reading support services for children in economically underdeveloped areas as a builder of reading support systems for children.

Since 2007, the Heungkong Charitable Library has been actively responding to the reading needs of children in economically underdeveloped areas and built more than 1,677 Heungkong Charitable Libraries with premium books in 22 provinces in China and some Chinese-speaking communities in Myanmar, directly serving over 2,000,000 children in rural areas.

In early 2018, a standardized and modernized model for the construction of primary school library in rural areas was created and announced to the public, attracting 27 enterprises to participate in the joint development.

In order to provide continuous reading supports to economically underdeveloped areas, the Heungkong Charitable Library project has been exploring a systematic service model. In 2020, we use the Internet to build a mini-program platform for supporting public reading - Heungkong Meiyue, which integrates and develops excellent reading curriculum resources and helps parents and teachers fully understand the importance of reading and provides guidance approach; provides resource supports and sharing on reading promotion and teaching professional growth for teachers with few learning opportunities; enables children to learn about environmental protection, natural science, life science and other science knowledge in a happy way; cultivates a pro-social and internally driven citizens with broad cognition while helping children start wonderful reading times and enjoy the beauty of reading.

The project received several titles such as one of the first awards of the Demonstrative Project of Social Work Services from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the 2015 Global Enterprise Social Innovation and Excellence Project and the 2018 Public Welfare Project at the Nanyue Charity Ceremony.

Project Vision:

Reading Enriches the Life and Horizon Blooms the Soul

Interpretation of the Vision:

1. Enrich children's spiritual world with abundant reading resources

2. The broad cognition that comes with reading allows for more possibilities in children's life

3. Reading cultivates pro-social and internally driven citizens

Project Mission:

To be the builder of children reading support systems


Equality, respect, fun and creativity

Recipients of the Service:

(1) Basic recipients: children and their families

(2) Key recipients: 6-12 years old children in rural areas

Issues Concerned in the Project:

1. The importance of reading of children in rural areas have not been fully understood

2. Lack of high-quality and suitable reading books

3. Lack of a good reading environment

4. Schools and parents in rural areas are lack of scientific reading methods

5. Reading resources are not fully utilized