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Volunteer Service

“Everyone participates in joyful philanthropy” - this has been the philosophy conveyed by the Heungkong Volunteer Group in their practical actions for many years. With increasing standardization of the Foundation's organization and management, Heungkong volunteers are active in various forms across the country, bringing warmth to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children in poverty-stricken areas. After setting a milestone of recruiting 1,000 volunteers in 2007, the Foundation was committed to recruiting volunteers with the spirit of public service to become part of the Heungkong Volunteer Group. Between 2005 and 2006, the Heungkong Charitable Foundation organized 100 volunteers on average in each year to participate in volunteer activities; in 2007, 800 volunteers participated in 3,700 hours of volunteer activities; in 2008, 88 volunteers participated in 5,200 hours of volunteer activities; in 2009, 520 volunteers participated in 3,500 hours of volunteer activities.......

In 2019, the Heungkong volunteer group was upgraded and registered as a Philanthropic Volunteer Service Team for going deeper in the field of volunteer service in a more systematic and professional way.

The Heungkong Philanthropic Volunteer Service Team was newly and strategically upgraded from the Heungkong Volunteer Group in 2019, which was sponsored by the Heungkong Charitable Foundation and made up of employees of the Heungkong Group who voluntarily signed up. With the vision of “Arrive at supreme goodness by benefiting others, and realize self-value by helping others”, the Heungkong Philanthropic Volunteer Service Team carries on the 12-year volunteer spirit and philanthropy tradition of Heungkong Group, upholds the mission of “devoting to charity and giving back to society”, and actively participates in public welfare activities without forgetting why we started by focusing on communities and front lines and making good deeds around us.

With 15 years of growth, the Heungkong Charitable Foundation's volunteer workforce has expanded to over 20,000 volunteers, and over 200,000 persons/times of volunteers have participated in the public welfare cause.