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HeungKong Child Friendly Community

Heung Kong Child Friendly Community

In 2014-2015, the Heungkong Charitable Foundation contributed RMB 5.5 million to create a model child-friendly community project in Guangdong province in collaboration with the Guangdong Women's Federation, building a total of 50 child-friendly communities equipped with Heungkong charitable libraries.

The 50 child-friendly communities cover 50 villages (communities) in Guangdong Province, benefiting 320,000 people, including 65,000 children. Through the construction of hardware and software, those child-friendly communities can provide places for the elderly, women and children left behind in villages to learn and play, and provide a warm environment for children to grow. A new model of child protection based on community and family has been successfully explored, and a web of care has been woven with love for children left behind.

Project vision:

Weave a web of care for children and create a new model of protection

Project mission:

Committed to be a builder of care ecosystem for children in rural area