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Heungkong Deaf Children Assistance Action

Heungkong Deaf Children Assistance Action

Deafness is a common condition that causes verbal communication barriers and is one of the greatest human sufferings. Every year, there are around 30,000 new deaf children due to various reasons such as heredity and drug intoxication. With advances of medical science, most deaf children can regain their hearing and speech abilities if they are given early hearing aids or cochlear implants before the age of seven and receive systematic rehabilitation training. However, deaf children in the majority of rural and urban poor families do not receive timely medical treatment for financial reasons and miss the best opportunity to regain their hearing and speech abilities, resulting in a life long regret.

The Heungkong Charitable Foundation joined hands with the Female Mayor Aier Charity Fund under the Audiology Development Foundation of China to help poverty stricken deaf children return to the world of sound, bringing the whole society to pay attention to this specific vulnerable group living in a silent world.

Project vision: 

return poverty stricken deaf children to the world of sound

Project mission:

to bring more deaf children back to the world of sound through working with charity organization, medical institutions, businesses and governments

Project achievements:

The project was launched in 2012 in the name of Heungkong Deaf Children Assistance Action, and a framework agreement for Heungkong Charitable Foundation - Special Assistance Project for Poverty Stricken Deaf Children in China was signed.

On March 3, 2013, on the occasion of the 14th National Ear Care Day, the Heungkong Deaf Children Assistance Action of the Heungkong Charitable Foundation officially started the enrollment of beneficiaries. This assistance action will provide 40 poverty stricken deaf children with free hearing aids and five of them will be selected to receive one year's language rehabilitation training.

In 2014, the project was implemented at the Guangzhou School for the Deaf, where 80 hearing aid devices were given to poverty stricken deaf students who were non-registered residents in Guangzhou, and with the help from teacher resources of the school, we also funded speech rehabilitation training for 48 poverty stricken deaf children (including 5 deaf children recruited from the society) to help them return to the world of sound.